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My truck is smoking and losing power

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My '07 2500 all stock is running terribly. It is throwing tons of black smoke out the tailpipe. No power on any type of grade and any real push of the throttle and black smoke is a flying. I did have a indicator for the "ETC" electronic throttle control, come on, the next time I ran truck came for a short time the went out. I took this truck to a dealer and these are the code the truck put out. 2 active codes P 220C , P 242F. Stored codes are P063C, P0106, P2463, P1451, P1528, P1507. Anyone know what thses codes mean? Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Bob :CRY: :CRY:
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This should help you out -

Sounds like your truck went into Limp Mode. May be due to a full DPF, bad turbo? or something else.
A 6.7 throwing black smoke means your DPF has failed/cracked.

I just looked up all the codes

P 220C - doesn't seem to exist

c. P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Ash Accumulation.

P063c-generator Voltage Sense Low

P0106-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Performance

b. P2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation.

P1451-diesel Particulate Filter System Performance

P1528 - Doesn't seem to exist?

P1507-crankcase Filter Restriction

From what I can tell, you will be looking at a few engine components replaced (MAP, PCV,etc.), a new DPF, and a PCM reflash, or possibly even a new PCM all together. Kind of looks like one thing failed, then it killed the others
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couldnt it be a boot on teh intake bad. thats why it throwing smoke liek crazy adn then casued all the the otther symptoms?
couldnt it be a boot on teh intake bad. thats why it throwing smoke liek crazy adn then casued all the the otther symptoms?
No. You should not see any soot at the tail pipe.
it either sounds like a cracked DPF or bad turbo but if its the DPF how would it affect the way the truck runs?...wouldnt it just throw codes

it sounds more like a bad turbo and it cant burn the fuel that being injected
yeah, sounds like a big time DPF failure, Its not getting hot enough or something to regen, and has backed things up and cracked letting the black smoke out.
Thanks folks for the replies. As an addition this truck was involved in a accident and just had the frame replaced. I wonder if this is just a coincidence or not. I really didn't have any troubles other than a bad speaker, and some soft codes. Well gonna have to get this truck back to the dealer to get fixed will let you all know what they find.

Bob :CRY: :CRY:
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