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My New Paper Wieght!!!!!

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well has some of you probly read on a former thread i had... i popped the HG around cyclinder #5. well the short story is that i got her back together, and she had a wierd knock to her. so i really didnt wanna pull the head again... so i replaced injectors, cuz i was really hoping it was a fuel knock. after that i did some diangnostic tests... and came to the conclusion to just wrip her outta the truck and pull the pistons.

well this is wat i found in #5..... MY NEW PAPER WIEGHT!!!!:doh:

#5 piston seem that it got a lil hot, and had reached its melting point.... when it popped the gasket

one side of the piston

and the other side
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Ooof, that's rough! :( Sorry to see that happen!

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ya my old engine did that to number five right before it welded itself to the sleeve still stuck in the block lol sorry about your luck buddy let me know how it run with the new injectors/turbo when you get it back together

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actually man... the cyclinder wall looks great, crank, and connecting rods all look great too.

i could probly just hone that cyclinder and be fine.... but im gunna have them all machined just to be safe.

and the second ring on that piston, is welded to the piston.
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