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My MPI Twins Install

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Got it together last night and running today. HTT 62/71/13ss fully polished over an S400 (74mm wheel)

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Looks good man. Nathan makes some killr setups, probably the best out there. Cant wait for the day to come when I order up twins...
That looks good really nice and clean. Nice work!:thumbsup
Why not both? They rip!:peelout
Cuz I can get away with out headwork with just one..:lol3:
how much power will this set up yield?
By the way the truck feels to me, low to mid 700's with proper tuning.
the 62/s400 is a sweet setup congrats !! :$:

the twins just keep getting better with some turbo hours ......:thumbsup

I also have the HTT MPI twin-combo 62/71/13 - S480 :beer
WOW great looking twins and nice pictures! Thanks!:thumbsup
MPI = ???:help:confused:
MPI = ???:help:confused:
Maximized Performance Inc. Nathan Wright is the owner and makes a killer set of twins. Also Duramax sets too!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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