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My first Cummins

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First off, Hello, you can call me Big-H. I live in the Mid Atlantic region.

I recently purchased a 2006 3500 non-dually quad cab 4X4. I bought this truck as is from a dealership. 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers, not sure of the amount of lift but it's there, traction bars, compound twin turbos, 5" turbo back exhaust no cat no muffler, PowerMax CR programmer, ATS tranny pan, no sure if the trans is built or not but it sure does feel like it. fuel pressure, boost, trans temp, & pyro gauges.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Pickup truck

Does anyone know who owned this truck before me? I have some questions for them....

looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing moments, memories, and to continue building this beautiful Cummins with all Y'all!! this is my Baby and my dream vehicle!!!

thanx for checking me out
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Nice color, welcome!
That truck sounds like it has a lot of good parts! I know ATS is supposed to have warranties on their transmissions, is there any kind of number or ID on the tranny that they would use to identify it? They are usually all purple too if what my budy says is true. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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