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Must've been an expensive paint job......

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1996 Dodge Cummins, 4x4, 5spd. only 75,000 miles

12 grand?!?!?! have people gone nuts? even with every possible option that made sense i could only get it to be worth 6300. Even doing it as a dealer pricing it came out to only be 1 grand more at 7300.

Will admit its a good lucking truck and like the paint job though
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Well, understandable for someone with mods/tires/paint/etc and low miles to ASK a lot. Usually they try get that 1/100 guy who is sucked into that price and not end up with a guy after a few months that knows how to talk them down to half the price/etc... hopefully this is what he's trying lol
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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