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must be getting old

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well I had a flo pro 5inch downpipe back kit on m truck with their muffler and a 8 inch tip and after time it got to be pretty annoying so I put back on my 6 inch tip and that helped a lot but still was loud at 2000 rpm and above so I replaced the flo pro muffler which was 23 inches body length and 29 inches overall with a Donaldson m090535 muffler and couldn't be happy, still has some growl to it but not as loud as what it was, much better
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Unless your truck is modified anything bigger than 4" doesn't do you any good. When I deleted I kept the stock muffler back, it sounds better than Before with cat and dpf, slightly louder. I wish I had kept the cat becouse of exhaust smell. With truck as it is now the trans can handle it.
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