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multi function switch issues, maybe not

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hey guys, i have an 07 dodge ram 2500 - 5.9. previous owner was a mechanic and does have all kinds of after market work so i cant go to much into detail as my weakness is being new to the diesel world. the problem started a few weeks ago, i took my smarty jr program off the ecm *set to stock for that model*. so to update it, didnt get to update it due to compatibility issues with the computer i tried with. so i left and placed the program back after driving a few miles to a parking lot. it was then i noticed my wiper fluid sprays when i try to hit the high beams, and turning the knob for wipers also turns fluid sprayer on. ive tried to replace the multi function switch, it did not change the issue, have tried to reset the ecm by disconnecting batteries, no change, not sure if the smarty is messed up or damaged the ecm when i took it off, i currently dont have the program installed so im running stock, any knowledge or theories are welcome!

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Is the condition intermittent? Did you replace the switch with a Mopar part? Try checking the wiring connector pins and wiring for signs of damage (broken, loose, chaffed, burnt, cracked, corrosion, etc.). Maybe a little contact cleaner too.
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