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MPI compound pictures and questions

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I have the opportunity to pick up a used MPI stock/475 compound kit local to me. My question is how much clearance is there around the lower turbo? My truck has a ZF6 transmission and the starter had to be moved to the passenger side. I want to make sure there is enough room to clear the turbo and starter. I'm currently running a HE300vg and 6.7 manifold. From most of the pictures I see online it looks like the big turbo sits about where a stock 3rd gen turbo would sit but I haven't found any good pictures of that area to know for sure if it will fit my truck.
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Affirm on where you think the 475 sits. It sits basically where the stock used to sit, and the stocker sits directly above it coming off the manifold. The manifold needs to be turned upside down to make it work as well.
from the picture you sent, the 475 would be about 6" back and about 4-5" lower back into the hole where the downpipe goes. I actually recall needing to bend the black AC (evaporator maybe?) cylinder mounted to the firewall out of the way a bit.

Here's a link to when I installed mine. Hope these pictures help you out
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