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MPI compound pictures and questions

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I have the opportunity to pick up a used MPI stock/475 compound kit local to me. My question is how much clearance is there around the lower turbo? My truck has a ZF6 transmission and the starter had to be moved to the passenger side. I want to make sure there is enough room to clear the turbo and starter. I'm currently running a HE300vg and 6.7 manifold. From most of the pictures I see online it looks like the big turbo sits about where a stock 3rd gen turbo would sit but I haven't found any good pictures of that area to know for sure if it will fit my truck.
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Doesn't the 475 come down a bit lower than factory turbo? Thought I recall it being like 1" from frame rail and lowest portion is below the top of rail?

Sounds like you might be a good candidate to switch it to be a side by side style.
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