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MP-8 Questions

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I just installed my MP-8. Those of you who have installed one already know what a hassel that is. But I found a simple short cut. Of all the places to have a lift bracket :lol3:

The instructions stink. There is no operating instructions at all. I already know where the max power is.

Where is the most economical mode?

After taking it for a ride, set at 100%, I saw the overhead jump up 20 22.6 MPG. (See my thread about the LIe-O-Meter) But it went into ReGen and stayed there while crusing at about 68 MPH for about 30 minutes. The mileage fell way off. 18 MPG at 1200F Degrees EGT I have a gauge)

The only mods I have done so far is an AFE and the MP-8 with the pressure plug in the rail.

This is what you need to install the power plug in the back of the fuel rail. . .

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I run mine 95 to 100%, seems to be the best MPG
Do you ReGen allot?
Not with the DPF delete. The higher setting you run the more you will regen if you run it hard. You are producing more soot with the increased Fuel Pressure, as you probably already knew.
Duhhhhh I forgot about that.

I wasn't running it hard at all. Just cruising empty and it just keep regenerating for 30 miles at 60 to 70 MPH.

I would like to know where the sweet spot is on the MP8.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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