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MP-8 Installation HELP!...Strange

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Ok guys I know this is a problem for alot of people but I think mine is an easy one. So I bought my mp-8 used from a guy and he did not give me the shims. He said he called and talked to ts-performance to get the correct ones but im thinking no. What size should they be? Dont they need to go deep into the plug where the spring sits? the ones he gave me are almost a 1/2 in. Way too big, so my question is can I just go to the hardware store and pick up some brass or stainless ones that will fit. How perfect do these need to be?

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since you havent blocked your EGR yet, you will get ALOT of smoke! With my pup on performance and MP at 100 i could block the road! Now only level 6 on my edge and mp up makes any kind of decent smoke but nothing compared to how it used to! My pup still will smoke more then my edge though to, i just dont run it anymore.

The smoke at low speeds/loads drove me NUTS i hated it! I actually stoped running the pup and juice until i got the EGR delete installed cause of it. I really like to roll the smoke when im in it.....not while im cruising down the road.
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