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My truck has been running GREAT with the new motor, but last night I pulled in to pay for my coffee in the drive thru, and as I'm sitting there, in park (It said it was in park, my foot was still on the break though) I hear a BAAM!

The only way I can describe it is it sounded a lot like someone shutting a tailgate. It just came out of nowhere. I thought maybe something fell on top of the truck, somebody threw something at my truck, but I couldn't find any signs of that.

I thought maybe it slipped in/out of gear, but I don't think it would make that kind of sound, either. It drove home perfectly fine. I've been watching the Insight for any weird activity and nothing. Not even a fault code.

This morning as I'm walking behind my truck I see the rear axle vent tube laying on the ground. It's still connected to the axle but the clip on the other end slipped off. I don't know if this may have been the culprit or a result.

Any ideas?
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