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More electrical problems-I'm about fed up

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Okay, so we took the truck to church this morning. No issues on the drive over. When we left, I noticed that the speedometer wasn't working. Or the tachometer. Or the odometer!! I pushed the overdrive button...nothing. It won't shift inot overdrive, and I've got no gauges. All the other gauges work: oil pressure, fuel gauge, temp, ect. Just no speed, tach or odometer. I checked all my fuses, nothing there.
What gives!!!??!!! I'm about ready to call it quits with this truck and get a new one!!
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Check for a loose wire in the harness where it enters the cab.
yeah i checked every wire i could, nothing unusual. Any other Ideas? My "wait to start"
light is out too.
anyone ever had any problems with the PCM (Powertrain Control Module)? I did some looking and the symptoms seem to point to that. Pricey, though, i bet.
I say stop going to church!!!
JK... check the grounds at the batteries, then the wires at the heater grid, and then the relays for the heaters, if it's not that... try the wires that feed the power center under the hood. Most times an electrical issue is a bad sensor or a bad ground. Good luck... Chris

Check the wires on your back pumpkin. I had the problem last year and had to resolder all the wires, road salt ate through the wire harness.
thanks for the advice, fellas. Sorry if this a stupid question... were might I find the "pumpkin"? Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but I'm desperite...:thud:
he said back pumpkin.....just garage slang for differential.....rear diff. rear pumpkin.....

in essence, check the electrical connections at the rear end.
I know it sounds dumb, but if you have the trailer light kit with the seven prong plug, unplug the harness that feeds it and see if it helps. I had a real tough time with my bud's truck until I replaced that and it cleared up all kinds of Gremlins. Remember to use di-electric silicone on all the connectors to keep it from happening again... Chris
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