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I know a lot of us are trying to do or have done various mods to get more mpgs out of these trucks.. Thought it would be nice if we can have one thread with the mpg results hwy, city and combined… As there are a few combinations of mods and brands you can use and since there are different trucks (3500, 2500, duallies, mega cabs, quad cabs, auto, manual) etc. it would be nice if all of you who have done these mods summarize their results in one thread. :thumbsup

Please mention:

1) Mods you have done to your truck
2) auto or manual transmission
3) What kind of truck? (I see it on most of the signatures, but some are missing…)
4) What kind of driving you do (mostly city or mostly hwy, or combined)
5) What is your current mpg. Hand calculated numbers would be great…

Not sure about everyone else, but this will help me out a lot to make the right choices… because right now I am little confused as to which ones to go with…
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