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Grove dodge is the worst!

I have never left there happy, ever. It seems like they don't care, I bought my last truck there, and the service department is just frustrating to deal with. You even have to prepay if you want to order a part. How small town is that. Derick dodge is not mod friendly. Even if you just have a cold air intake. Crosstown is a bit better but the service guys are as useful as a shirt sleeve on a pair of shorts. Awesome parts depo tho. The best luck I had was with Great west as long as you talk to right guy. I will maybe try Londonderry.

2010 3500 4x4 standard
29000 kms
Smarty jr., DPF EGR delete, KMC revolvers with too much back space, 34X12.5Nitto terra grapler.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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