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MOD friendly dealership/service in edmonton area

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Does anyone know of any that exist in our area?

main reason I won't do some upgrades is because of having to deal with the dealership/warranty.
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try lacombe, i chatted with them a while back and they seemed pretty positive to that sort of thing...although they may have just been trying to sell me a truck, lol
try lacombe, i chatted with them a while back and they seemed pretty positive to that sort of thing...although they may have just been trying to sell me a truck, lol
Got the same impression at dodge
no dealer that i can think of, if ya wanna mod it. kiss the warrenty goodbye as they are in even more financial stain right now
thanks guys
i don't know any in Edmonton for sure, i do know that Lacombe dodge is mod friendly, i have been modding diesels since 2001 and have had no issues there. the service manager laughs at me when he sees me because i have the only 6.7 from that dealership that has never had warranty issues, he knows i tore everything off right away.:lol4:
i don't know any in Edmonton for sure, i do know that Lacombe dodge is mod friendly,
confirmed, as long as the work needed is not the result of your upgrades they will not restrict your vehicle.
All Edmonton dealers are garbage. They will try to deny it even if the mod has nothing to do with it, when I made the mistake of letting Great West do an alignment (long story), the first word he said was "your kidding me if you want any warranty work on that" just because he seen it was lifted with tires and rims. Unless it's something VERY major, I wouldn't even bother. Less then a week after buying my 04 used, I took it back to the dealer because the stereo was already screwed, our 7 day warranty doesn't cover that, but we will give you a new one for half off, only $550 :banghead:

It's not exactly the same, but my bro and dad have both tried to get work done on 100% bone stock trucks with no luck, instead they charged $100 because they found nothing wrong.

Just check things over first incase, and then mod it :headbang:

Need to send the dealerships a message, i'd really like to see what happens even EVERYONE stoped taking their vehicle there for service, even boycott one and see how long before they start honouring warranty.
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I don't even bother with the stealerships unless its something very part specific to the vehicle, all general maintenance gets done at either fountain tire, speedy brake or minit lube and after market parts I got to DPS mostly.
I guess this is where I am lucky and have a good friendship with my salesman and the manager and they push for things for me...Also knowing someone who use to work at the dealership for many years helps as well...I see it as it is all in the relationships and contacts you make...

BTW my truck only goes to the dealership for work now...
I guess it depends, if you know somebody really well at a dealership than you can have good luck with them. My dad's gone to fountain tire for years, same with speedy brake, we've been going there for brake jobs since the shop opened on sixteenth ave so we know the people very well and trust their work, and get decent pricing.
Hey there Londonderry is pretty good!! Went there a couple of weeks ago with all mods on signature and even told them how to start with PMT still in there and they did warranty work. They did rear pinion seal i believe and the recall for the dash pad !! Even did tranny service and changed out the stock pan to BD tranny pan and put oil I anted in there after I supplied it !! service girl was top notch kept me informed and kept the coffee perked!!
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Brown's in Legal is good as well. Again, as long as the damage isn't mod related you're fine. ie: don't get pissy when they won't replace a sheared pinion or cooked trans. them seeing a set of triple stacked programmers on your dash and a set of twins under the hood. :D
wouldnt let any dealer touch my truck, have you guys seen the work that comes out of there, maybe if they warrantied the parts and let me use one of their hoists
Brake Repairs for 1996 oneT Ram dual wheel

Can anyone recommend a decent brake repair shop in Edmonton or Sherwood Park, where I can get brakes redone on my 1996 dodge ram one ton truck? Dual wheels.
brake shop anywhere, brakes are brakes, pretty hard to screw those up
haha you would be surprised at some of the things that ive seen when people putthere own breaks in ( pads in backwards)
Grove dodge is the worst!

I have never left there happy, ever. It seems like they don't care, I bought my last truck there, and the service department is just frustrating to deal with. You even have to prepay if you want to order a part. How small town is that. Derick dodge is not mod friendly. Even if you just have a cold air intake. Crosstown is a bit better but the service guys are as useful as a shirt sleeve on a pair of shorts. Awesome parts depo tho. The best luck I had was with Great west as long as you talk to right guy. I will maybe try Londonderry.

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Pioneer in Wetaskiwin is pretty good. They are mod friendly and even sell/install H&S and Smarty. I've had my truck in for service and warranty work with no problems.
Capital Dodge used to be good til about two years ago when they changed service manager. I haven't been back since but they are Mod friendly.
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