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missing jack part

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I was on my way home and I ripped a sidewall on a tire and I went to change it and the part of the jack rod that goes into the jack was missing..:banghead: The dealer wants $75 for the set of rods. For a $100 I can get a decent floor jack and put in a box in the back of the truck.

Any body got a spare rod for a jack that goes into the jack they want to part with?

Tire was $250. Discount had a set of 20's rims and tires for $1300. Couldn't do it. Mama would....:buttkick:
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get a tool box and an aftermarket jack. i dont know if you have ever used on of the pos bottle jacks but you would be much happier with a floor jack

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Thanks guys,
I'm going to go the floor jack
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