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2006 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 5.9 24v
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Just bought this truck about a month ago. 2006 3500 mega cab, 5.9. Love it to death! Previous owner has done quiet a bit to it. I'm not 100% sure what all is done to it since i bought it from a dealer. But it is straight piped and has open air filter. Motor is super clean and i can see studs, so i would assume it has some upgrades inside. This is the second cummins i've owned. My first was a 99 24v. This one is quiet different tho. anyway, yada yada.

It has a bully dog GT and i've been running it in "performance" for daily driving and i use the "tow" tune to tow my 30' travel trailer. I put about 10 oz of 2-stroke in the tank with every fill up, and every 5-6 tanks i run some Klean Diesel through it.
Moving alog tho, it is harvest season where i live and on my way through the country yesterday there was hay truck after hay truck. So i bumped it up to extreme, and hammered past 2 of these trucks. After i got past them i got CEL for overboost, and also it idles as tho it has a slight mis now. Not a terrible mis, but its noticable in the lope at idle. Now when i give it just a small amount of throttle and let off, the turbo sounds like a subaru blow off. I tuned it back to stock just to do some testing. It isn't throwing the over boost code since but the turbo is putting out 37 psi when accelerating to highway speed and a normal pace. And it is throwing a little bit of white smoke, like it may have a bad injector.
i checked all the boots and the vac lines to the wastegate and everything seems to be ok. I did find the intake horn was loose on the manifold, so i tighted it to spec, didn't change my symptoms tho.

I've search all the internet and havn't found anything with these same symptoms i'm having, so sorry if this is a repost, i just couldn't find anything.

I'm at a loss and i have a big trip with the trailer next weekend so i wanna get this fixed cause i'm sure it wouldn't be good to tow with this problem happening.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

Thanks all!
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