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mini locked up but still showing data? Help please

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I took my truck into a body shop to have them rust proof it and while they were doing that the detailed the inside. Now that I have it back the mini maxx is acting up. It is frozen in the main screen, so I can see RPMs, boost, etc. But can't change from tow to street or access any menus. Has anyone had this problem? My father picked up the truck and drove it home but never touched the mini maxx. When I got home it was in installation mode but wouldn't come out of it. I eventually unplugged it from the truck, which shut off the mini maxx. Next thing I unplugged the SD card, turned the truck off then on. When it turned back on it started beeping like I was touching it, going haywire. So I shut the truck off again and restarted it again and now its not beeping, I had a brief moment I could change power level and then it froze again. It is working, showing all my data I just can't get into it. Please help. Sorry about this long post. Please. Help.
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