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Metal IC vs Plastic IC

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Well my plastic capped IC finally let go last August. I took it to my dealer and they claimed zero issues.. well I changed dealers in Nov and wouldn't you know, bad IC :)

But now that I have had the new IC on for a few thousand miles in several different climates I have some observations to share.

Under normal driving the plastic IC was 10-15* above ambient temps and would get to about 40* above ambient on a hard pull. And at 80 MPH is was 15-20* above ambient. The metal one is very similar in cold weather, but when it gets above 60* ambient the metal IC is more efficient, its consistantly only 8* above the ambient at 65-70MPH, the plasitc was never that efficient. At 80MPH in warm weather its 10-15* above.

I haven't towed with it yet, but I am looking foreward to seeing how it works on a hard/hot tow.

But between the functioning IC and the new GDP intake horn my truck makes 5-10psi more boost below 2K rpms, and thats going to be great for towing.
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I think he's referring to the plastic tube that goes from the intercooler to the intake horn.
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