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Mega Cab Dually Fender Removal - DRW to SRW

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I'm looking at a 2007 Mega Cab dually but don't need the DRW. I know that I'd have to swap in a SRW axle due to the DRW axle being wider and I'm fine with that. The question is how does the big honkin' factory fender flare mount to the bed? Are there a bunch of holes? Would a set of BW pocket flares cover'em up? Any pics would be freakin' awesome! Thanks.
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is it to late to get your dually fenders, its the last part I need for my DRW conversion, I have a full set of wheels and spare SRW axle.
Parts are still on the truck. Like I said, as soon as I get the DRW fenders, my swap will be ready to install. My truck just turned over 100k, I was hoping to swap the rear out before it hit the 100k mark but the lack of fenders prevented me from completing the job in time. Just go get you a mega dually and bring it to the house, we'll have everything swapped in a day. Make sure its silver :beer
I have had everything to do the swap for almost two months now. The only thing holding me back is fenders and the fender lights.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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