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meet and geet in the springs

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hey i am throwing a meet and greet here in the springs sat the 24th. start time will be round noon. i will provide food. bring your own beer. for directions call me @ 206-730-5638 ask for chad
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Ya can bet I'll be there with a couple guys from the hills....Should be a good time, Perhaps The Denver guys will make it down this way, Guess we'll see what happens
Alright....We know its Memorial Day weekend, but it'll be good times, and BEER...
i know i picked the wrong weekend to do a meet and greet. but from what i can tell most people are all talk and no show.
I would be there but I just got back to Virginia.
hey i understand about the price if diesel..... but all is welcome
Was out of town visiting the folks...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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