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mechanical gauges

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Want to install mechanical gauges in place of the factory gauges. Not on the a-pillar or on the dash. Has anyone done this? Thanks Kevin.
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I did them in a 78 dodge what u need to know?
heres a video link of what some one else did but not my truck i used diamond plate and cut hole with autometer gauges 00:17 is the gauge shot:thumbsup:
I was wanting to find some that fit in the original gauge holes, just looking for leads on brands and sizes. That looks pretty good, that might be an idea!
you usually wont find gauges that fit in OEM dash holes...good gauges like autometer, isspro etc have to have custom mounts. I did it on my 92 by making a dash out of diamond plate aluminum and cut holes for the gauges, not too much work IMO
Thanks for the reply cumminsfan...looks like thats where I'm heading in the future!
is there a spedo that will work in place of the original (not fit) but wire up?
I think isspro makes one that will hook right up to the existing wires. My autometer just works off the alternator...never had trouble with it. Im partial to autometer though and try to steer other gearheads that way too. Hope that helps. You can get a bigger one from autometer too, so you can just cut the hole in the original dash bigger to make it fit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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