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I have an 04.5 ram 2500 2WD, I recently began hearing a clunking noise coming from the front end when I make turns and when I go around curves. It only happens then and when I steer left to right. Pretty much I get the clunk noise when the weight of the truck shifts. Could the sway bar end links being bad cause this? Ive looked at the ball joints and the control arm bushings and they all seem to be fine. I recently replaced the rotors, calipers and brake pads. The only other thing it could possibly be as far as I know would be the Rack itself. Only I have ZERO play in the steering wheel, no leaks, and no shaking. Im stumped. Sitting still and cutting the wheel back and forth quickly makes no sound at all. Only when I am moving forward and the weight of the truck shifts.

Any suggestions would be appreciated at this point.

Thank you!
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