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May's monthly special is our 18,000 lb tow strap. Just use code RAMTOW and receive your $15.00 discount at check out. Follow the link below:

ICON Recovery Tow Strap (18,000lb)

ICON 2 1/4" x 23ft. Recovery Tow Strap (18,000lb)


Constructed of high quality Nylon 6/6 material this ICON Recovery Tow Strap is a must as part of your on board recovery gear for extracting an immobilized vehicle. Our snatch / tow strap was designed with 21% elasticity to stretch under load offering maximum performance but helping prevent damaging to your vehicle. The positive energy produced by the elasticity aids with the recovery while also reducing the vehicle damaging jerk of a solid strap or chain. Of course includes some ICON quality & style with the strap being a medium grey color with black re-enforced covered endloops. To store the strap clean and neat in your vehicle we provide an ICON embroidered nylon bag with handle.

Key Features:

• Great for extracting a bogged or immobilized vehicle

• High Tensil and flexural strength

• Superior resistance to wear

• Wrapped re-enforced strap eyes

• Heavy duty stitching

• ICON Storage Bag for clean neat storage

Recovery Tow Stap Specs:

• Strap Width - 2 1/4"

• Strap Legth - 23'

• 18,000lb towing capacity

• Nylon 6/6

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