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Matrix Version 9-1

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Ok here is the last Version of the Matrix. I fixed the issue of the MP-8 and Extreme Power Puck leaving a trace. Also called TS Performance to see if there was any update on their MVP monitor. They are still making it and it is available to be used with the MP-8 or stand alone.

Also talked with H&S this moring and was told that Shift on the Fly for the XRT isn't in the works. If you want that feature you need a Black Maxx or Mini Maxx. The release time for both the Black Maxx & Mini Maxx is still 1 June 2009. The monitor for the XRT is also looking like a release date of 1 June 2009.

I sent MADS 2 PM's and 2 emails asking if they would like to add or comment on the Matrix. I never heard anything back from them.

So at this point this Matrix is as truthful as possible.
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