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Martinsburg Guys

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Hey guys I was just thinking maybe we could have a g2g here one weekend in june ? Maybe just meet up some where and grab some food or slide down to mason dixon together?

I am open for ideals.Just like to meet some of you guys :thumbsup:
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That sounds like a plan :thumbsup:

I just need to find a Tcase for my truck
i would be game for something like that keep us posted
Well I was thinkin more then us 3 lol..There is a pull in Winchester Va Friday at 8 pm,I know its not fair for the Martinsburg crew maybe I will see some of you guys there.
I'm in... All I got going on this summer is fishing so when and where.
It dont seem like many people are intrested :confused013:
The hell with them if anyone wants to meet up and shoot the grab a beer and tell lies about women I am gamed just let me know when and where.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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