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Making efi liive tunes

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Hey everyone, so I have EFI live dp5 tunes from Phil at Anarchy, no real complaints just seems that the tune isnt made for my truck, almost like its a general tune for all trucks. Im not seeing the mileage i think i should be seeing either. getting a maximum 750km on 120L fuel :banghead: yes i do have a 6" lift, 35's and its a megacab but when i had my edge i would see 800-850 kms minimun highway driving. i didnt change anything on the truck except for the programmer. is there some things i should check or try different tunes? lastly, how hard are tunes to make by myself. had a quadzilla on my 2nd gen and had 3 wicked homemade tunes.

any help is greatly appreciated!!
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Have you logged anything? Also, like I had said before, more than likely your speedo is off now skewing your numbers. Have not heard anything from you since send out of csp5 so not sure how I would be able to help you. Last I heard you were still running a boost fooler with EFI Live and I told you to take it off. Havent heard from you since.
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First things first. Why don't you talk to Phil? I think he's 3borce on here or something like that.

Is that mileage hand calculated or on the overhead? Cause when you mess with the pulse width in efilive, it changes what the overhead reads.

And it's not hard to make your own tunes. What's hard is getting it perfect. If you don't have time for that then buy it. It takes lots of reading and asking questions to experienced people.

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O, an if you had some "wicked" quadzilla homemade tunes why go to efilive? Cause quadzilla is a heck of a programmer for these commonrails.

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O, an if you had some "wicked" quadzilla homemade tunes why go to efilive? Cause quadzilla is a heck of a programmer for these commonrails
Just a thought,maybe because the Quad box he "had" was on a 2nd Gen and Quadzilla is long since out of business.

He needs to be patient and do what they are telling him to do,load his tune and data log the driving so they can adjust the tune accordingly.Its not rocket science here.
Wicked on a 24v is blah on a CR....

Wicked and Quadzilla do not even fit in the same sentence!
my 24v was pushing 700rwhp and ya the tunes i had on that beast made it a darn fast truck! i have no problems with the efi live just thought i should maybe be seeing better mileage. i will be getting in touch with phil to see what they can do, hes been great helping and tuning so far!
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