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make your own exhaust manifold

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anybody made there own exhaust manifold? I have seen some headers made look good but what to make them out of to withstand so much heat?! Any body got pics of there own and any advice? there freakin expensive to buy. :shock:
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If you want to make a manifold you would probably want to use weld-els. I have a book called Maximum Boost that has information on using these to build factory style turbo manifolds.

However you could easily use tubing to create a header also. Headers can be quite durable if constructed properly as is also described in that book. If your looking for long term durability I would recommend the weld-el approach. If your looking for maximum power I would suggest the header.
what is weld-els? where could I get a book like yours ? thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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