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lowering kit

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Anyone know where a guy could get a 2" lowering kit for a 2 wheel drive 2500 or do they make such a thing or would I have to goe to airbags?Is lowering ride height for fuel mileage not a good Idea?
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I think the front would be the way to go but not sure if I need to do front and back. I saw the guy with the 1 ton Ford in Diesel Power magazine that was getting 26mpg. He had lowered his rig to reduce the drag on the undercarriage maybe I need to do more research on it. he did not have duals . He lowered 3"front and 4"in the rear. I just wondered if it would work on our trucks?
youve peaked my curiousity as well, ive always wanted to put airbags on my truck but i dont want to do any of the work myself.

my friend has a 1500 chevy with airbags and it is sick!! he just drives up and hits a button and the whole truck drops like 4". id love to be able to roll my truck up and drop it to the ground
The thing is, Dodge has the "pitch" setup to be pretty aerodynamic some point you're going to have the front so much lower than the back that you catch more wind in the rear. If you want to do it right, IMO, lower the front and the back equally. I could be wrong but keep it in mind.

Yes, you will see a considerable reduction in drag as you get closer to the ground.
Sounds good to me . Where can I find a kit? thank,s
you need drop shackles for the rear and cut a half a coil out of the from springs to keep the "rake" but bring it all down to the ground. do a search on the forum about lowering as there are a few threads on the topic. has the shackles
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