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low voltage???

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I've got a 01 5 speed and today I got a dead pedal and got the alternator checked and it has low voltage. Can this low voltage affect the tps to not let me get over 25 mph
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The batteries stay charged but read just under 12 volts. I know its suppost to have 14 so I didn't know if it was low enough to cause a low enough voltage to mess with the tps or why its doing it. I checked the battery terminals and one of the grounds was loose so I tightened it up and cleaned them off and it still has a dead pedal. First and second gear work fine but 3rd it stops and goes to an idle and won't let me drive faster then 25 mph
Ill do it tomorrow. My smarty was reading a low voltage to the tps last week that's why I was wondering if it could cause that to happen. My buddy said that these trucks are very sensitive to low and high voltage.
I ran the codes and got the 0463 and the 1693. Then I took it to oriellys and got the code ran up there and it said the ecm/pcm is bad or needs to be flashed. So I set the smarty back to stock and its fine now with no dead pedal but still runs at a little bit over 12 volts. Anybody got any other options to try
The guy at oriellys hooked their obd up and it had a code. Don't remember which one it was but he looked it up and that's what it said. But I set the smarty up and set it to stock setttings and it has no dead pedal. Runs like it should with the exeption of the volts still reading at 12 instead of 14
I got a new alternator and the voltage stayed the same. Maybe just a little over 12. But I unhooked the smarty and put it to the stock settings and the dead pedal is gone. Everything is right now exept the voltage is still low. It should be right at or under 14 shouldn't it
Well my smarty said that I had low voltage to the tps so I didn't know if that's what the dead spot was comeing from. Then the guy at oriellys tested the alternator and said it was bad do I changed it. It was charging and didn't kill nothing I was just getting low voltage readings so ifigured that's why it was saying that the tps had a low voltage
Well its gonna be that or ecm. I been reading symptoms of bad ecm and it sounds like it could be that to. I unhooked the battery do I need to calibrate the apps?
I'm just wondering if since I'm getting 12 volts that's why everything is going caotic and acting like this.
It has been fine the past few days but I'm just wondering if the smarty didn't download the software correctly and that was causing it. Haven't put it back on since but I might do it and see if it changes. Anyone else have an opinion of what it could be
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