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low voltage???

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I've got a 01 5 speed and today I got a dead pedal and got the alternator checked and it has low voltage. Can this low voltage affect the tps to not let me get over 25 mph
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A bad alternator can create electrical noise when a diode fails and this can interfere with other electrical devices. I have never heard of it actually causing what you are describing however. I would think you will have codes stored which will guide you to the source of your problem. Do the key trick and post up codes.
I ran the codes and got the 0463 and the 1693. Then I took it to oriellys and got the code ran up there and it said the ecm/pcm is bad or needs to be flashed. So I set the smarty back to stock and its fine now with no dead pedal but still runs at a little bit over 12 volts. Anybody got any other options to try
there are no specific codes that say your ecm or pcm is bad unfortunately.
Operating you should see over 14 volts measured at the batteries. At 12 volts operating you could be causing all sorts of electrical issues. Get the alternator rebuilt or replaced then see where you stand with other stuff. Remove and bring both your batteries in for a free load testing at parts stores. You have to have proper charging electrical system or you will have problems.
starting to make sense, you had a code for the apps and dead pedal. sounds like its Timbo time.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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