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low speed front end shake

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2013 2500 g56 4x4 the front end shakes terribly when i slow down and hit 20mph to stop. I replaced my tie rod end and drag ling with synergy's hd setup. I have a carli lift going on with track bar, control arms and a synergy steering box brace but i also ave a steering box i need put on. does anyone have any idea what else it might be or if i completely missed? it does it in gear and in neutral
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The ball joints and axle u-joints were checked and were fine. I have the Carli adjustable track bar going on in a few weeks with the lift. I am hoping that is it otherwise its back to the shop. It does it on and off the brakes, in gear and out of gear. I just cant seem to locate it.
garage said it was a bent rear drive shaft. no clue how that happened haha but i should have the truck back this week with the suspension and new steering box on!!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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