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Lots of questions from a newbie!

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Ok guys, first off let me start by saying that this forum is awesome!! I have some questions that im needing some help with, I bought a 06 5.9 a couple months ago and im wanting to do some upgrades. Below are a list of things that i have read up on and seem to fit what im looking for, but im not expert so ima turn to you guys for the info on what I have choosen. Ok here we go

For the programmer
Either the Super Chip Flash Paq Or the power max CR75

Air intake
Open for all suggestions

Boost fooler
Probably the quadzilla

I think thats probably goin to be a good start for me. Im goin to do the TQ converter upgrade and a good VB upgrade but that will come later. Im trying to keep the mods simple because I dont want to be dropping 15k in a new motor. Will these upgrades help me or hurt me?? Im leaning towards the power max module for the simple fact of that if i get smoked at the redlight, I dont turn the power up and try again. I feel like a module will keep me from destroying my truck, due to the fact I cant adjust it. Also im goin to get the necessary gauges before any mods is done. My last question is my buddy has a 6.7 with a 6 speed in it and we travel from job to job together. Hes putting the super chip and intake on his this week. Will he outrun me with the mods im planning on??? THanks for any info or advice!!
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If you're going to want some power and a fast truck I would steer towards a MADS product. The smarty will put down some big power but if you are afraid of messing things up there is the smarty junior which from what I hear is a great programmer. Also bully dog is a great programmer for power actually have had it on my truck for 2 years about and it ran great. Those in my opinion are the best two brands for programmers you just have to do the right upgrades if you want the full potential of them. You can always just run them on lower settings if you are afraid of hurting your truck. Also once the bug bites you you will want to be doing more and more so make the right choice the first time. Just my .02 cents.
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