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Losing engine oil where at?

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Hey fellas so I just got the truck a couple of weeks ago its a 06 3500 mega cab srw it has 130,000 miles on it I changed the oil at 128300 and now the oil level has dropped in between the high and low marks on the dip stick no puddles left behind anywhere although I noticed the front crank seal maybe leaking but would it leak that much within 1700 miles my 01 never used oil thanks for any help guys
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how much oil did you put in it? if its not perfectly level or the same spot as you did the oil change, a bit more angle can fool you on the dip stick. truck holds about 12 liters with filter. keep an eye out and keep checking it, im sure its fine, unless its burning it, you would prob see that out the tail pipe at that rate.
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