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loses all power cruising 01 cummins

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We have a 01 dodge xcab lb cummins w/135k and you will be driving down the road and it loses power. It is like you have lifted your foot off the footfeed. It has a new lift pump and vp44 about 1 year ago and the low side fuel pressure is 15lbs and the volume is good. We put a new ecm from dodge. We are getting a p0234 and a p0237. We replace the tp sensor and map with a good one. The scan tool shows the vehicle load going down to 0 when it acts up. The tach does go down to 0 interm but necessarily when it acts up. We think a cam sensor will take care of that but dont think it will solve our real problem. There is not any performance parts on it yet. Any help would be great!
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Try, cleaning or replacing the MAP sensor and make sure the electrical connection is good. Clean the ground connections esp the ECM ground on the block. A little dielectric grease on a clean ground connection does wonders.
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