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Loose but Tight?

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So back to my awesome steering, left pull and is sloppy loose but still steers tight. Like there is play in the steering wheel? It's very touchy too. At a loss other then adding the opposing stabilizer but I don't think that will help the loose. Any help is appreciated

08+ steering, dynatrac ball joints, new toe rods Carli highmount, 35x12.50r20 trail grapples, bd steering box brace, rancho stabalizer, carli track bar, agr rock ram steering box, new ps pump, carli sway bar end links

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have someone jiggle your steering wheel aroung and visually look at the ratio or delay from the input steering shaft to the sector shaft that the pitman arms mounts to. your play could be coming from there at which is the only thing you really have left as far as non upgraded steering components.

nevermind i see that it is indeed an aftermarket box but none the less it doesnt hurt to check

how old are your hubs??
Hubs could be as old as 2007 have changed 2 but can't remember which ones

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Nitto tires have a tendency to pull left, the stabilizer you are running is pushing left, try reducing the pressure to 80 psi. Worn hubs, worn steering gear, not enough toe in, or not enough caster are all cause for wandering.
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