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Looks like another build trying to make a plan and stick to it. turbo, injectors ect

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The truck is gonna be laid up in the shop for a month or so so I figured id try and get as many per mods done to it while its all ripped appart. I use the truck for hunting, fishing, camping (its a big camper 1800lbs empty) and some trail riding. Final product I would like to have Twins (to be discussed later), injectors, o-ringed and mildly ported head, fuel system, g56, 3.73's, detroit tru-trac up front and 38" boggers.

1) Turbo: Ive got a stock 92 h1c on it now. Ive got an he351cw with no shaft play sitting on the bench. Now I know it has a 9cm housing and fab is required to clock it and retain the wastegate, this isn't a probem as i have a mig,tig and a plasma. I'm getting ready to order up and exh adaptor flange to weld to my 4" and install the turbo. For future use once I am more literate in the twin turbo world could i use this turbo with say an s375 or s400?

2) Injectors: Ive got stock injectors now. The most I'll be towing with the single, auto, 3.07's and the 37" tires is 5000lbs. What size of injector should i start looking at? I'm fine with having to buy a new set once I've put the twins and 6spd in.

2.5) Also would there be a downside of running my stock injectors for a month or so with the he351?

3) 3" cooler tubes: Is it a worth while upgrade to install 3" tubes while using the stock intercooler?

4) Grid heater delete: for the warmer months in canada when u can get away with it is there any noticable gain? I'm thinking of building my own manifold neck to replace the stock one that would be for use without the grid heater outta 3" mandrel bends.

5) kdp: its just gonna get done lol

6) Electric fans: what all are you guys using? I'd like to keep it mech but the fan is all bent up from the accident.

This is all for now but im sure more ideas will arrise. Its really putting the turbo on that i'm wondering about.
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Kdp is done, it never even moved from the factory.

Yes the truck has 3.07's for sure.

Just finished installing hpplp and the regulator. Just gotta run the new frame lines now and install 3/8" draw straw and return into the tank.

Adjusted the 727 kickdown cable. It was totally setup wrong, like 3/4 throttle before it started to move the kd lever. And turned up line pressure 2 turns. Gonna have to check the pressure once the truck is running.

I've gotta order the exh flange and clamp for the 351and I'm pretty much ready to install it as a single for now. I've been doing some research and lots of people pair the s475 #171702 Wich is a 75/88 1.32 I believe with the 351. Can anyone comment if this is in the right direction for a twin setup?

Also a "ported" 351..... Are you referring to enlarging the wastegate hole??

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I'm gonna set it up with the 351 as a single for now. Wheeling and camping season is gonna be here way too quick to put the truck down long enough to put twins on it. After hunting season I'll pull it in the shop, oring and new gasket with head studs and mildly poet the head and exhaust. Then I'll start working on the twins over winter.

Flange?? The exhaust flange and vb and that I'll have to weld to my downpipe for the 351.

Head studs..... Arps= machine work I've heard??? Haisley machine studs require no machining but require bottom tapping the block threads right??
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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