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i made 582 with a 66/71/14 ddp90's floor it stage 3 pump smarty tnt/r and power puck for pressure. the 03-04 trucks love injectors that is where you can really make up the ground on the 04.5-07 trucks. just besure to put the air in with it. the stock turbo is an ok upgrade but there is no room to grow or put injectors in. these common rails can spool turbos very well. i mean a 62/71/13 turbo on a common rail is a good turbo even with out injectors if it were me id go with a set of around 100hp injectors and a 64/71/13 or 14 turbo. and of coarse the smarty for the programming on the 03-04 trucks there is not a better programmer. the tst also works pretty good with them too.

sorry for the long winded story.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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