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I'm looking to build my p-pump 24v to 1000hp currently it has
-cometic mls headgasket, nitrided valves, properly seated for the cam lift.
-arp 425 headstuds, haisely gorilla girdle with xl mainstuds, arp rod bolts, factory rods, coated mahle factory replacement 0.20 over pistons coated on the top skirt and bottom.
-Hamilton 188/220, 103# springs, extreme duty pushrods, 1.45" tappets, and cam retainer
-0.093 lines with a benched 180hp pump with .181 delivery valves and 4k gov springs, 6x0.18 sticks, factory connector tubes
- steed speed t4 manifold, Borg Warner s475sxe.
-balanced rotating assembly
-fass 150 (which I know I need to get a higher flowing pump.)
It did burn outs at 40mph in 4th (nv5600) with a s369sxe am I on the right track to have a semi reliable 1000hp street truck? or is there a big weak link in build here?
I know a pretty turned up p pump isn't very streetable but you only live once am I right?
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