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Looking for a stock 12V cam

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Anyone have a cam they're willing to sell? PO put a cam in the truck in my sig and every piston has a nice round clean spot on it from where a valve had been barely kissing it :doh:

Block is going to machine shop tomorrow and I would rather put a stock cam back in.

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I might. Ive got a 95 im partin out that broke valve springs on #6. Havent started pulling the engine apart yet but im sure the cam is ok. Let me know.

probably @ work under a truck
PM sent.........
ive got one also-$50
Who's cam is it ? I have my stock one as well and am looking for a cam to put in it. Might be able to work out a deal, stock cam plus cash for the other. That is if its still in good condition with the valves kissing the pistons.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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