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Looking for a recommendation on an independant / dealer mechanic here in NJ

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Hey All...

Im looking for a recommendation for a local mechanic or even a dealer here in central Jersey (ocean county area). I know of Freehold Dodge in Monmouth County are heavy on the commercial truck sales. I am only assuming they have decent diesel mechanics ?? I've never been there though.

I have had terrible experiences with the two local dealerships as far as service. My favorite dealer closed a few years back with the economic down turn.

Anyways, my go to independent mechanic does not do diesel. As this is my first diesel, I am in search for a good recommendation of a local guy or even a dealer that can take care of my new Truck.

As much as it will pain me, I am trying to avoid the two local dealers at all cost. Over the years they both tried to pull fast ones on me on the service side. (to the credit of the sales side, no complaints).

I'm willing to travel for someone good if you guys say so.

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I went to a local two mechanic shop recently that advertised as a Cummins repair shop. They were very good. I know how you feel. Following a visit last December to a well known dealer, I found my oil filter hanging by a few threads. After speaking to the service manager , I wasn't going back.
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