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Looking for a confirmation on smarty software

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Hey ya'll, I have a smarty s-67 with the SR25ME software on it. can anyone confirm for me that this is the EGR/DPF delete software? I'm selling the tuner and just want to be sure before I give someone the wrong information. The only way I know to test it is to scan my truck for DTC codes and look for EGR/DPF codes.
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Sr25ME is a delete capable software. It is a couple of years old.
Thank you. I know its an older version that's for sure I haven't touched it at all lol, suppose to be selling it Saturday, and ordering EFI on Monday <3
I started with 14ME back in 08 or 09. I've keep up with all the updates until 28ME I stopped there. I've though about EFI Live but I've never had not 1 check engine lite and no reason to ever go back to the dealer so its hard to think that I may not be as happy with EFI live.
I don't use the smarty for the huge horsepower gains, just for the deletes as I always run it in the SW1 setting 30HP I believe.
I hope the EFI live works out good for you.

Thanks! I'm almost positive ill be extremely happy with EFI, the smarty is a good tuner, I just don't have much confidence in it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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