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Looking for 24 inch tip 5" inlet 7"outlet

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Does anyone know where I can find any 24" inch in length tip. 5" inlet and 7" or 8" outlet
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Contact pypes, they'll custom cut you one to any size and variation you want. They'll even do a 12" tip
Any idea how much that will cost?
Honestly couldn't tell you, I have never dealt with them but I know they will do it, they make stacks which is probably what they will base the tip off of, just give them a shout and see.
Well I contacted pypes and mbrp and neither one knew what the hell I was talking about :banghead:

any other suggestions??
Search eBay
Buy a stack and cut it down, you're probably going to find a tip that long. I would have just told them I wanted a 5" inlet to 7" stack cut at 24"
right on grand rocks site. its a 5'' OD to 7'', 24'' long. Part # SP7-24SBC-5
now to make it ideal you want 5'' ID at the one end but ya can just get an 5'' ID to 5" ID coupler to make it work
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Hey thanks a lot man, im gonna give them a call tomorrow and see how much it is
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