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What's in my sig was good enough for 12.84 on 285-75's. I haven't tried it on the 265's yet and I haven't made a pass yet using the nitrous or the Snow water/meth set-up that I have acquired. I'm hoping for 12.4 or so with a little spray using the same combo. I'll have to go to larger injectors in order to see more from the nitrous. I'd do gauges first followed by an Airdog and then a built transmission. There are alot of good tranny builders out there, what is important is service after the sale and having your builder local so he can service it for you if something happens. What state are you from. That will help with recommending a builder and parts dealer. Hitting the classifieds on sites like this one and Diesel Truck Resource will save you 1000.00s on a turbo, injectors, and electronics but the tranny and Airdog will probably still run 499.-529. for the AD and 6000.00 or so for a tranny with billet input and output shafts. Don't even try for 12s without a billet input and output shaft.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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