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say 5k for the tranny, 3k to piece together some twins and you are already at 8k realisticaly...add sitcks, a box, exhaust, lift pump, gauges, other little random stuff and the money starts stacking...that assumes you do it all on your own too...
oh yeah you could drop 10k on this no problem.

tranny- 5k
twins- 3k
sticks- $700
electronics- $1200 (stacking boxes or redline)
rings, studs and springs- $1500
inj pump- $1000-$2500
ad or fass- $500
exhaust- $500
guages- $400

:S: :S: :S:

im going to quit, this is getting painfull :lol4:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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