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Long week of work, new pics of truck

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Well I worked on it all night Friday, all day Saturday, and then all day on Thursday.
Truck now has cab lights, sport front end, new shocks, ATS manifold, BD Intercooler boots, new rollpan, black headlights, LED taillights and repainted the tailgate. Also claybar, and waxed the truck twice. Almost looks like a different truck. Let me know what you guys think.

How the truck looked when I brought it home 2 yrs ago.

The way it is now....

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I got them off of Ebay. I think you can just search ram headlight.

...or maybe black headlight. LMC also sells them, for about $130 more.
drop the headliner, drill the holes, put in screws...well maybe not quite that easy, but it wasn't too difficult. I had got a factory wireharness that just plugged in. I know you can get one from Dodge for the 3rd gen that come with harness, lights, and template.

thanks for all of the compliments guys.

Want to come over an claybar and wax my truck for me?
Ha! sure...well I can come and watch you do it, b/c man that sucks:T:.

Maybe if your truck was a sb instead of a lb.:lol3:

1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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