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Load Trail/ Load Max Trailer????

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Does anyone have any experience with these trailers? I am about to buy one for hot shotting in the oil fields of west Texas and I was wondering if there are any reviews for them. I am looking to get a 40 foot flat deck with the 12,000 lb dexter axles.
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Post this same question in tow and hauling section you will get your answer there .
I had a load trail lowboy car hauler... Good trailer for great money. I'd still have it but some guy offered to buy it right as I was lookin for a bigger trailer.
Towed well, but I always had a slight issue with the lights. One of the markers would short and take everything with it. I'm not an electrician by any means lol, so I just carried a bunch of replademt bulbs and rolled on...
I picked up a LoadMax 14,000lb flat deck a couple months ago. So far so good and the warranty can't be beat.
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