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Load knock and load of Black Smoke at Idle

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So my brother in laws 04 has a bad knock, real bad with a crap ton of black smoke at idle, Codes 0483, 2509, 0088. I know what the codes are but what is going on. Is it a bad injector? I really don't want to run it no more then we need to. But I have a feeling that we are going to need a starscan to figure out more on what is going on. Any advice would be great. Oh, if it is just an injector, how do you pin point without a star scan? do you just unhook each injector until that bad knock clears up.

, on the title I said Load Knock, meant to say Loud Knock
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If it is an injector you may be able to tell which one is not working properly if you can get ahold of an infared temp gauge. You can point it at all six exhaust ports when the truck is running and the one that is most different is most likely your culprit. I did this with an injector issue on my old 99 ford 7.3, but it wasn't blowin black at idle just running real rough and under-powered. It can't hurt to try anyways.
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