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Light load feature.

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I just purchased a 2008 6.7 and there is a button on the dash that says Light Load.I have checked thru the manual but can't find anything.Any idea on what this is?
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it is for the tire pressure monitoring system. It allows you to run lower pressures in your tires without the tpms going off

I can't seem to find it doing anything for me....not sure tho
Thanks for the reply.
While not towing...200lbs or can air the rear tires down to 45lbs. This smooths out the ride. What you do is with the key off...air down the tires. Turn the key to the on (not running) position and press the button on the dash. It will light and stay lit. This will keep your tire pressure warning light from comming on. I think it still works if you get below the 45 level though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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